Montag, 31. Oktober 2016

Halloween special: It's getting spooky and thrilling when Kevin Morgan gives away what life after dying held ready for him

While most halloween-fanatic out there faces the looming clinch of trick or treat in anxious suspense, carpe carmina's readers are definitely in for a treat this very october's eve: mexico-based rock-musician Kevin Morgan raised the veil and chatted frankly about his life and death, about feeling like a zombie and dressing up as Bowie, talked movies and music, told the story behind his latest release 'The Things I Do' and explained his love for moody and groovy horror-track 'Lobo-hombre En París'. Now, put your witch hat on, adjust your vampire teeth and get into the right mood for what is one of the most eerily beautiful and arcane nights every year while learning all about Kevin Morgan and his scary routines. 

Samstag, 29. Oktober 2016

EP review: Shape Of The Sun - ARTiFiCiAL HEARTS. Atmospheric, authentic and ardent art

'Do you remember the bad nights?' Saturday night before last was certainly none of those. And though 'The Bad Nights' has seen a rousing acoustic revival when Nate Linek performed it, among other riveting tracks of debut EP 'Shape Of The Sun' (2015) during his 40+ minutes live set on stageit, it surely have been his three new tunes the audience were most looking forward to.